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Paintball Charleston “Milkshake Event”

Paintball Charleston will be hosting a charity event to support a great member and friend of the Southeastern paintball community!  Robert “Milkshake” McEntyre was diagnosed with cancer and we want to rally the community to support him and provide him with some much needed relief during this time of hardship!  Below are the rules of the event and we look forward to seeing you there!

  • March 7th, 2015.
  • Captains meeting at 8:00 am.
  • 5 man team format.   Any reasonable roster will be accepted (under 10 players per roster).
  • 2 flag format.  100 pt max per game (+ the possible stock class bonus points – see below).  Point structures TBD.  Number of games and time limits will depend on the number of teams participating and the number of fields we have in operation for the event.
  • Pumps and Mechanical markers only.  Hopper ball (200 rounds) for any Mechanical semi-automatics.  Bonus points “may” be awarded for true stock class (12 gram, horizontal feed) pump players.
  • BYOP if you wish, or buy Marbalizer at a special event rate (TBA, but it WILL be cheaper than regular rates).
  • $150 per team, includes admission and event air.  ALL proceeds will go straight to Milkshake & his medical expenses.  Details about payment options to follow.
  • Pre-Registration deadline will be Wednesday, March 4th (to allow time to build the schedules & prep the necessary fields).  No Walk-On teams will be accepted for playing the event.  Walk on referees are always welcome.
  • ALL teams will be required to pull some reffing duties, as part of the event.  This will prevent the need for a full time paid reff crew, so all of the admissions can go where they are needed.   If your team has extra players on the roster, please let us know, and we will gladly provide reffing opportunities for them.
  • We anticipate a few “sponsored” teams, where generous donors may pay for admissions, in the case of financial hardship.  Pair this with free rental markers for the afternoon, and any group of 5 players who have a bit of paint, should be able to play.  These slots will be issued on a “first come, first allocated” basis.  We don’t do “means testing”; however, please don’t abuse this option.  The sponsor reserves the right to name the team, so don’t be surprised if you end up playing under a team name that is somewhat “creative”.

“This will be a charity event, where good sportsmanship, and support of the scenario brotherhood will be far more important than any scores at the end of the day.  PBC is donating several items for a silent auction and/or a raffle after the games have wrapped up.  We are also accepting donations and prizes from various fields, individuals, and industry members, to help Milkshake cover his medical expenses.  The event will focus on charity and not paint (thus, the hopper ball requirement for semi-automatic markers).  No electronic markers will be allowed.  We will have Tippmann 98 markers (free to use for the event) available for any players who don’t have a pump or mechanical marker of their very own.”


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